Intermediating calibrations and repairs

Intermediating calibrations and repairs: we offer intermediation services if we do not have the capability to calibrate specialized measurement equipment or to meet specific needs of the client. We cooperate with several prestigious accredited laboratories, from several countries, thus we are in a position to offer solutions for special problems. The intermediation tariff represents 15% of the total value. The shipping costs are included. Examples:

  • Calibration of air flowmeters (balometers) for up to 4250 m3/h
  • Calibration of anemometers and ultrasonic wind direction sensors
  • Calibration of standard thermometers in the cryogenic range
  • Calibration of electrical conductivity samples for solids
  • Calibration of moisture meters for synthetic pellets

Similarly, we intermediate repairs, if the service is not available locally. Examples:

  • Electronic balances for retail use, for Flintab, Partner, Digi
  • Industrial electronic balances from Mettler Toledo
  • Gas analyzers, from Draeger, Afriso ,Testo and Madur
  • Modernization of universal length measuring machine manufactured by Carl Zeiss