Measuring instruments / measuring range RENAR ISO
Gauge blocks made of steel, tungsten carbide and ceramic, 0,5 mm up to 500 mm
Gauge blocks made of steel, tungsten carbide, 501 mm up to 1000 mm
Setting ring gauges, 2 mm up to 250 mm
Setting ring gauges, 251 mm up to 600 mm
Limit plug gauges,
Ball gauges
Thread gauges, 1 mm up to 200 mm
Thread ring gauges M3 ... M7,5
Thread ring gauges M3 ... M7,5
Taper gauges <100 mm
Limit snap gauges
Thread limit roll snap gauges
Straight sided spline gauges
Ring gauge gauges for serrations
Non standard thread gauges
Test plug gauges, thread measuring wires
Vernier calipers, digital calipers, dial calipers for inside, outside measurement, depth calipers, height and marking gauge,up to 1000 mm
Vernier calipers, digital calipers for outside measurement,1001mm up to 3000 mm
Mechanical and digital micrometer for external measurement, up to 300 mm
Mechanical and digital micrometer for external measurement,>300 mm
Internal micrometer with jaw and cylindrical type up 1o 1000 mm
Setting gauges for external micrometers, up to1000 mm
Inserts and extension rods for micrometers up to 1000mm
External micrometers with comparator gauge(passameter)
Internal micrometers (triobor), 2,5 mm up to 250mm
Dial gauges, dial testindicators 0mm up to 100mm
Lever type dial test indicators (pupitast)
3 D dial test indicators (3 D adjusting device)
Bore gauges
Calibration tester for dial gauges and indicators
Linear gauges up to 100 mm
Thickness gauges, digital thickness gauges, lever gauges for external measurement up to 100mm
Lever gauges for internal measurement
Ultrasonic digital coating thickness gauges
Thickness setting foils
Thickness / Feeler gauges
Precision rules, flexible and semiflexible rules <3000mm
Measuring tapes up to 50 m
Digital linear scales up to 3 m
Knife straghtedges
Universal bevel protractors, digital protractors
Flat squares ( 90°)
Angle gauge block, class 2
Headlights beam setters
Digital precision levels
Spirit levels
Engineer's levels, square frame
Surface plates (granit, steel)
Measuring magnifiers and microscopes
Length measuring machine - horizontal and vertical
Digital surface roughness testers
Tester for paint adeshion
Profil projector and microscope
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