Terms and Conditions

With regards to a succesfull collaboration,please note the following:

  • To prevent any damage during shipping we kindly ask you to pack your measurement devices adequately before sending them for calibration.
  • Please make sure that all your measurement devices are properly cleaned, their batteries are fully charged, all accessories are attached and are functioning correctly.
  • In case of pipettes calibration, please make sure to fill in the Decontamination Form which can be found and downloaded from our website. Additionally, attach 3 frequently used pipettes tips.
  • The package with the measurement devices must include your Purchase Order filled out with all your contact information (name, telephone number, e-mail), all your invoicing information and the type of certification needed (ISO:9001 or ISO 17025). For complex devices, please attach the user’s manual and/or manufacturer’s technical specifications.
  • In case of on site requested calibrations, the calibration date will be scheduled only after receiving your purchase order and transit costs are subject to additional fees agreed upon in the original contract.
  • In the case of devices found to be faulty, with hidden damage or out of specification, the client will be immediately contacted to agree upon next appropriate action.
  • The measurement devices will be delivered by a courier company commonly agreed with the customer. Otherwise, the same courier that was employed for the original shipment will be used to send the devices back. Please note that all responsibility or liability for any loss or damage of package contents during transportation is held by the courier company.
  • The calibration process is estimated to take between 7 to 14 working days after receipt of devices and can take longer depending on the type and requested calibration specification.
  • Our company offers the following payment methods: advance payment via bank transfer, cash payment on collection of calibrated devices from our laboratory or other option negotiated under the contract terms.
  • The calibration certificates are issued under the SR EN ISO/ CEI 17025 standard.

Thank you


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